Zee Eyes - History

 Zee eyes  international has been established in  1929, it has developed and introduced innovations for worldwide applications which is , designed to improve our daily life as well as those of the future generations ….

Zee eyes "s technology continues to focus on the future with a confident eye. we continue to serve our customers in ophthalmic long term .we have devoted considerable resources in the last couples of years to be going beyond glass lens blanks .our products are sold at a very affordable prices and have the advantage of an excellent performance reliability –price ratio .                                                              

Of all the senses that man has,, sight is perhaps the most precious of all ,, in our modern world ,, it is easy to take for granted correct vision , but eyewear is a relatively new invention. Prescription eyewear allowed people to free themselves from a life of not seeing the world clearly to one where they could. This opened up a whole new world for people who needed vision correction to lead a productive life .This resulted  in an enormous  productivity gain for the human race …

Technology has had a strong influence in the development of clear eyewear .these technologies make our clear eyewear last longer and look better 




 ZEE EYES  international optics has been established in 1929 by dr ahmed Mohamed khalil who graduated from university of paris as an optician ,, the second generation is now completing his steps in optical field and even expand this field in all over Egypt .,, this second generation has been also graduated but this time from TSU university in Houston ,texas


ZEE EYES  has been specialized in manufacturing  optical lenses which is spread all over Egypt through our 14 shops which is already in many locations in Egypt .,,we are selling brand names in frames and sunglasses like police, per sol, Cartier, Christian Dior ,,Fred , Gucci…..etc and in our optical lenses we have progressive and bifocal,transition usa and photogrey and brown , mineral and plastic optical lenses .now we have took many agencies like : 

Market and competition :

 Actually competition create business and that is why  We are one of the leaders in optical market and retailer as manufacturing supply of different products of local market in overseas ,, and even in Arab countries ,,


Management team ;

We have permanent organization in management starting from the owner ,super manager ,regional manager and managers assistance manager and sales employees



It is very good with our experience create new market in different directions in different locations ,,also exporting some products in different countries and some gulf states and also we have products of progressive freeform ..we introduce new technology of lens team.

We have long history in optical business starting from Paris foundation of dr khalil and then we moved our business to Cairo and he reached one of the booming business in 1939 to 1949(WORLD WAR II ERA) ,while business was pumped at this time .. we had pumped

business in Europe and in different country in production of optical production .

Here find below our contact as below ;


Bab el loke: OFFICE ONLY

39 kawala street , Mohamed mahmoud –abdeen cairo, Egypt

Tel;002-0227961400  6 lines

Fax ; 002-02-27943318



 37 el khalefa el mamoun street cairo , Egypt


Fax; 0020224505501


el mohandseen OFFICE AND SHOP

80 mosadak street ,cairo , Egypt


Fax ;002023381684



61 safia zaghol street , elraml station –first floor-flat (1) alex ,Egypt

Tel ;00203 -4863832-4809913-4831399

Fax ; 002-03 4863832



75 street 31 a first zone -6th ofoctober city cairoegypt





This in additions we have shops around 14 shops

Dandy established in 2005

Nile mall 2008

San Stefano 2005

City star 2004

Terry alex 1996

Terry city center 2001

Damac alex road under construction

Damac new cairo under construction

Terry ismalaia under construction

Terry kaser el nile 1988

Terry roksi 1995

Terry zamalik 1982

Terry mesadak 1995


Critical success factors ;

 We build on our knowledge in optics and services that we supply to our customer very critical prescription of lens .this build in our education that we have in got it in united states which we took it from TSU UNIVERSITY ,, TEXAS , HOUSTON ,,, we got specialized in optical and medical field this gives us strong ground and  foundation in optical industry in Egypt


Company ownership

Mainly it is based on family owned by 7 members .part of them live in USA and the other part lived in Egypt . we do not have any loans , most of our investment is self financial